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CS 3100
CS 3100M


Potting & Sealing Compound for sealing and moisture proofing adhesive bonded structures. Available in three application times and three consistencies.
CS 3104A 131208-27
Low Adhesive Potting Compound similar to CS 3100 with the exception of Low Adhesion. Its low adhesive strength makes it possible to remove the encapsulating material from connections.
CS 3209 STM 40-109 Rev. C Electrically Conductive Sealant - Used as a faying surface sealant. Meets all the requirements of AMS-S- 8802. Designed to conduct static electricity.
CS 3802 Areojet - AGC 34076 Room Temperature Silicone is used as an insulating coating and thermal barrier in missile applications where heat transfer must be retarded.
CS 3808 BMS-8-68 (Boeing) Room Temperature Silicone, chemically cured. Used for aircraft, missile and electronic applications.
Aircraft Fuel Tank & Pressure Cabin Sealants:
Chem Seal Sealants Specification Product Description and Use
CS 1900 Mil-S-38249 Type I Firewall Sealant Used for sealing firewall structures.  It is elastomeric and is able to withstand intermittent temperatures of up to 2000 deg. F. 
CS 2415 DMS 1819C, Mil-S-38228 Cl A, Cl B, STM 40-006 Class A  Aluminum Exterior Sealant recommended for sealing external seams, depressions and gaps on aircraft to yield weather tightness and achieve aerodynamic smoothness.  Withstands jet fuels and weathering.  Available in Application Times of 1/2 hour and 2 hours. 
CS 3105 Flamemaster Specification  8030-01-469-7150 Junction Box Sealer - Thixotropic, polysulfide sealant suitable for use in edge seal encapsulation.  Easily applied with an extrusion gun or spatula.
CS 3201 AMS 7124 formerly Mil-S-7124 & Mil-S-7502 Sealing Compound - For aircraft Structures.  Cures at room temperature to a flexible resilient rubber with excellent adhesion to metals. Available Class A and Class B various application times.   Colors - Tan or Black
CS 3204 AMS-S-8802 formerly Mil-S-8802F Type II Integral Fuel Tank Sealant Designed to withstand the attack of sulfur compounds present in jet fuels.  Also used as pressurized cabin sealant. 
CS 3210 STM 40 107 Low Density Pressurized Cabin Sealant.  The low specific gravity of 1.00 can result in substantial weight savings over conventional sealant.
CS 3247 Flamemaster Specification Aircraft Windshield Sealant - Formulated for use when setting or repairing windshields and transparencies of glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate in composite or metal frames.  No primer required.
CS 3330 Class A & B AMS 3284 Type 1 formerly Mil-S-8784B  Access Door Sealant Used as a strippable fillet for integral fuel tanks and pressurized cabins, as a strippable fillet and as a gasket for removable parts.  Available Class A or Class B, 1/2 hr. or 2 hrs.
CS 3330 C1 Class A & B AMS 3284 Type 2  Corrosion Inhibitive Access Door Sealant - A non chromate Corrosion inhibiting sealant, used as an access door sealant for integral fuel tanks and pressurized cabins, as a strippable fillet and as a gasket for removable parts. 
CS 3600 AMS 4383 formerly  Mil-S-4383C (2) Top Coat & Adhesive - Fuel tank, Buna N Type and high bond strength adhesive.  Protective coating for synthetic rubber sealant and metal surfaces of integral fuel tanks.  Protection against oils, fuels, fresh or salt water, corrosion and weathering.
CS 5306
CS 5310
CS 5311
 AMS 3277 Type I  formerly Mil-S-29574  AMS 3277 Formerly Mil-S-29574 Polythioether Quick Repair Fuel Sealant - Used on aircraft to yield weather tightness and fuel resistant seal.  Able to cure at lower temperatures.  Faster than standard sealant.  CS 5310 Class B-2, CS 5306 Class A & Class B available 1/4 hr. & 1/2 hr.  CS 5311 available Class A and Class B, 2 hr. 1/2 hr. and 1/4 hr.   
CS 5447 Flamemaster  Specification Polythioether Windshield Sealant Fast Cure- High temperature sealant.  Developed for the installation and sealing of windshield and transparencies on high-speed aircraft.
CS 5500 Class A & B AMS 3276 formerly Mil-S-83430, FMS 1044, FMS 3055 High Temperature Fuel Tank & Fuselage - Used for sealing fuel tanks and on aircraft fuselage.  Withstands higher temperatures than the standard AMS-S-8802 sealant.  Available in Class A or Class B, with various application times. 
CS 5500 C1 AMS 3265, MMS 4104 Formerly FMS 3055-1 Corrosion Inhibitive Sealant - Permapol P5 polymer, High temperature, sealant - Non chromated.  Will be used to replace Mil-S-81733 in some applications.
CS 5530 Flamemaster Specification Test to AMS 3281  High Temperature Low Density Fuel & Fuselage - High temperature resistant Low Density Sealant.  Fuel tank and fuselage sealant.   Density 1.3
CS 5547 Flamemaster Specification Aircraft Windshield Sealant - Room Temperature cure, high temperature sealant.  Used when installing and sealing windshields and transparencies.

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