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Our Manufacturers

3M:Adhesives, Sealants

Accrabond: Adhesives,Thread Locking, Retaining Compounds,

Anerobic Adhesives

Adaseal Int'l:Sealants

Akzo Nobel Pulp & Performance Chemicals: Specialty Chemicals

American Sealants: Sealants

Anderol Specialty Lubricants:Industrial Lubrication

Camie-Campbell: Adhesives, Lubricants & Cleaners

Castrol: Lubricants

Click Bond: Adhesives, Fasteners

Cytec: Conformal, Urethane, 2 Part Coatings

EcoLink: Industrial Solvents & Degreasers

Esgard: Corrosion Preventive Compounds

Everlube: Products, Solid Film Lubricants

Flamemaster: Coatings & Sealants

Hentzen Coatings: Aerospace, Military Coatings

Intrepid Coatings: Mil-Spec Coatings

Lindau Chemicals: Organic Chemicals
Loctite: Thread Locking, Retaining Compounds, Anerobic Adhesives


Luboseal: Antiseize, Thread Compounds, Grease Sealants, Cleaner & Fluids

Momentive Performance Materials: Adhesives, Sealants, Additives, Coatings, Fluids

NCP:  Industrial Paint & Primers, Mil-Spec

Nexeo Solutions: Ceramic Powders

Novagard:: Silicone Grease & Lubricants

Pacer Technology: Instant Adhesives, Threadlocking, Sealing & Retaining Compounds

Nordson EFD: Cartridges, Mixers & Syringes

Pliobond: Adhesives
PRC-DeSoto: Coatings, Sealants

Randolph Products: Military & General Industrial Coatings

Safety Kleen: Lubricants & Cleaners

Sandstrom Products: Coatings & Lubricants

Sheldahl/Multek: High Performance Tapes

Sherwin Williams: Paint, Primer & Coatings

Smooth-On: Epoxies, Adhesives

Spectrum Coatings: Coatings & Primers for Military Aerospace Industry

Techcon Systems: Dispensing Systems

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